Radioactive Rangers

 Strawberry Gulch

The once prosperous paradise of Strawberry Gulch was now a baren wasteland.  When Mr. Arnold and his fleet of cronies came to town and took over the old water mill, the berry patches dried up and the soil became infertile.  Many farmers moved on, while those that chose to stay were offered positions working for Mr. Arnold.  The less skilled townsfolk were placed in the mill, others performed odd jobs and completed special services.  Those that refused their assigned roles were forced to pay taxes to ensure their safety.  Something had to be done!

Johnny Eyeballs

 Before Strawberry Gulch became the oppression it is today, they had a justice system to be proud of. At the base of that system was Judge John Eyeman, who was known for two things: fast trials and straight shooting. When John laid down his gavel, you knew his word was fair, and final. But since the takeover, he's been on the run. Mr. Arnold put out a bounty on his head so large even his own brother would turn on him. John saw it as a compliment really, a testament to his power. Mr. Arnold sees him as a threat, he knows what John is capable of.

Deputy Gus

After Sheriff Winston abandoned Strawberry Gulch, Deputy Gus who was always loyally at his side became a bartender at the local saloon. When Mr. Arnold and his right-hand man Leroy strolled in one afternoon, he knew his time had come. Gus was faced with the decision to either join Mr. Arnold's team of "tax" collectors, or pay the fee for freedom. In that moment he did the only thing he could think to do; pulled the stopper out of the whiskey bottle, poured two shots, and slid them down the bar with perfect accuracy. As Mr. Arnold and Leroy raised the glasses to their lips Gus bolted for the rear kitchen door. Once he had exited, he realized he was now an outlaw and that there was only one man he could trust; the only other man he knew to be on the run. But where could he find him? No one had seen Judge John Eyeman in weeks.

 Sonja Shadow

Growing up a farmer's daughter in Strawberry Gulch, Sonja knew how important the agricultural industry was to both her hometown and her family. She loved her role on the farm, however when she was awarded the opportunity to join the Environmental Science program at a prestigious university Sonja accepted without hesitation. In the midst of her first year Sonja heard of Mr. Arnold and his crew taking up operation in Strawberry Gulch, and by the beginning of her second her parents' crops had almost completely died off. They did their best to stay positive on their weekly calls, but Sonja could hear stress in her mother's voice. Overwhelmed with anger, Sonja could not sit on the sidelines of the match between Mr. Arnold and the well being of her home. There had to be more to the story than maybe even her parent knew, and she needed to get to the bottom of it. Knowing that her parents would not approve of her abandoning her studies, Sonja would have to slip into the town unnoticed. She remembered her father mentioning once that when the community started crumbling Judge Eyeman had resisted and was now in hiding. No one had seen or heard from him in weeks. He had become what she needed to be, a shadow.

Mystery Map Activity

Strawberry Gulch is in trouble, and the Rangers need your help to save it!  With every character pin, you will receive a portion of the map and clues to lead the heroes to their transformations.  By combining all three pieces, and completing the riddle, you will discover the secret behind their mutations.  As a reward for your efforts, all adventurers will recieve a free prize!

 How to play

  • Order all three Rangers
  • Combine the map pieces 
  • Follow the clues to discover their transformation location
  • Post a picture of the completed map on Instagram and tag @monsterpoodle
  • We will DM you for your shipping information 
  • That’s it!